• Welcome to the official World Polo Tour ranking.
    This ranking is constantly updated; each player is ranked according to his/her performance, during the course of the year, in the main tournaments around the world. Points are accumulated during the year; prizes are awarded to the each month's best player and to the overall best player of the year.

  • #NameNationalityPointsStatus
    1 Jackson Gaona, Hazel United Kingdom 180 Professional
    2 Sanchez, Milagros Argentina 160 Professional
    3 Salvo, Lia Argentina 150 Professional
    4 OHanlon, Slaney United Kingdom 140 Amateur
    5 Bruehl, Eva Germany 110 Professional
    6 Couling, Sonia United Kingdom 110 Amateur
    7 Brown Zavaleta, Carolina Argentina 60 Amateur
    8 Noorajala, Nurul Malaysia 50 Amateur

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